Product Design


Alex Ball

This service was designed to allow runners to record and breakdown their running form with the use of cameras, giving a more accessible and cost effective method towards helping them prevent injuries.


People are always looking for the most functional and efficient ways of being physically active, especially when it comes to running. Injuries are a major issue within the sport as many athletes don’t have the proper understanding of how to prevent them. My research and development of the project is aimed towards giving users a better understanding on injury prevention and how using this technology could create a more cost effective and useable service in everyday life.


As a competitive runner myself, my background knowledge of this topic gave better understanding towards trying to solve the problem. For further insight, I conducted interviews with professional runners to gain their perspectives on this issue.


The treadmills main functionality uses the Kinetic Camera and Kinect Studio V2 to track the users skeleton, recording key features such as their pelvic angle and running stride. With the camera incorporated into the treadmill, it then allows users to interact with their running form and creates a personalized analysis of them. This refined data will educate users on their form as well as offer new strategies, stretches, and other aspects towards helping prevent injuries.