Caleb Jones

Compainion is a pain companion web app that helps users follow and advocate for pain management plans, and promote holistic wellness.


Chronic pain affects 22% of Canadians over the age of 18, and most Canadians will experience short-term pain over their lifetime. Despite this, the majority of young adults are inexperienced and unequipped to follow a pain management plan, and terrified of a growing opioid crisis.


While interviewing short-term and chronic pain sufferers, caregivers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, I learned about the challenges and shortcomings of current pain management education and attitudes. I heard first hand accounts of how pain mismanagement leads to complications, more pain, and opioid misuse, especially for women, people of colour, and people with chronic illness.


Compainion is a progressive web app for patients and caregivers that complements pain management plans and a patient-centered care team. Users can learn pain management best practices by tracking their physical, mental, and emotional pain, setting alarms and reminders for medicine and wellness exercises, and saving their pain levels and locations. This engages people in their health and wellness, and helps people make informed choices and discussions with their medical team.