Service Design


Carol Cheung

Clicked is a web app that contains a framework of activities for people to connect via personal connections and facilitated problem-solving.


First year international students of the IXD program at Sheridan College lack a sense of belonging and identification in the program due to language / cultural barriers. They were also separated from domestic students from the start (separate student orientations), hence lacking an occasion to interact with one another.


By conducting interviews, reviewing academic literature on people bonding through group problem-solving and personal connections, and facilitating group problem-solving sessions, a sense of belonging and identification can be fostered by introducing first year students to a core value of the program: problem solving, and by connecting them to mentors that can provide them guidance.


A problem solving framework (Google Design Sprint) combined with a series of exercises available to students on both computers and mobile devices was used as a guide to group problem-solving on the day of First Year Student Orientation (occasion). These activities were facilitated by upper year mentors.