Chaz Escoffery

CURA is a mobile app to help men learn how to define their style through practical activities and reflective practices.


Through my passion for fashion, it was made apparent that there were no effective resources to help men determine their own sense of fashion. Research shows that there is a confidence boost that comes with feeling good about how you’re dressing. It is less to do with how fashionable you are but more about how much you care.


Majority of the resources available do not consider diversity, CURA aims to help men of all socioeconomical backgrounds without imposing what is right or wrong. Users are taken through a process to define their personal style and what barriers get in their way when developing their wardrobe. The activities are designed to get the user to start thinking about their personal style and evoke a reflection.


CURA is a mobile application designed to help users take steps to define their own style. CURAs activities aim to educate and evoke a reflection through various forms of media such as audio, video and images. Users learn to curate their own style by determining what they like and dislike through practice.