Service Design


Cheng Peng

Lizez is a solution that allows users to connect with each other for doing vehicle lease transferring and bring benefits for both sides involved.


Leasing is a good way to purchase vehicles, but leaseholders have thousands of reasons for getting rid of their cars, but if they return the car to the dealership, they will face $1,000 - $2,000 liquidated fees, or even lost their deposit. Also, buy or Lease new cars is expensive sometimes, especially for some luxury brand, people have to pay $500 - $2,0000 downpayment to the dealerships. There are problems and issues for both people who want to lease a new car and people who want to get rid of the lease, a solution is needed for them.


Lease ownership transferring is one of the best ways to solve the problem. By transferring the lease, the leaseholders can get rid of the contract without paying a large amount of liquidated damage and buyers can save more from the down payment. But the cost for leaseholders and the buyers are just a little amount of management fees for the dealership and the time spent on going through the legal transferring procedure.


Lizez is the solution allows users to connect with each other for doing lease transferring, which can solve the problems for both sides. It allows buyers to browse posts and communicate with the owner of their interested car through the chatroom, if the agreement is made by both sides, they will be led to go through lease transfer procedure to finish the ownership transferring, also, the consulting service can help both sides to tackle any problems through different methods.