Chloe Lu

WeAR is an real-time virtual try-on app that enables consumers to experience real-life clothes on their accurate AR model.


There’s a big problem for online shopping or shopping in general between seeing a garment on a model who may or may not look like you and or you trying to figure out would this looks good on you or not? So we’ve shopped online before and bought things online, you bought the whole order and half of them are too big, half of them are too small, it’s really frustrating! And you have to go return it, it really annoying.


You do this in an online shopping app, or you can pick up the garment in store and actually scan the tag, it would show you what looks like on you, so you can even determine do I want to take this to the fitting room with me to see if I like it, and what size do I need.


This solution uses Augment reality and sort of like creating a colour IQ type of thing but for your body size. It takes you to get 3D scanned and you can get your accurate body measurement and we build this model that know how big you are, so you can figure out what size clothes do you need, and also look at what it would look on you before you can buy them.