Service Design


Colin O'Neill

RationRight is a food management tool for college students that helps them with budgeting and keeping track of their food options.


The average college student needs a way to keep better track of what they have to eat and how much they spend on it. Lack of finances and time are two factors that cause students to skip meals and waste previously purchased foods. Of the Sheridan students surveyed, 88% of students had not eaten breakfast or lunch on the day of the survey completion.


Data has been gathered on this area through surveys, expert interviews and user testing of prototypes. Applications such as FlashFood have tried dietary applications coupled with grocery planning, however these do not account for ingredient cost or pre-existing food stores. RationRight will be on both Android and iOS platforms and would make use of an SQL database to input information.


The proposed solution is a mobile application that allows college students to keep track of their existing and planned meals through a digital pantry and budgeting calculator. We need to remove the largest stressors for students to do with food: Planning and Finance. The user would usually check the fridge or if there is nothing there search for another food option. RationRight removes this step and bridges it with the alternative, which will allow the students to save money all while improving on their nutrition and food habits.