Product Design

My pocket

Cynthia Yang

My Pocket - the application will offer the clients and merchants a better user experience with the membership system. Live your life smarter with us!


During the user research, 85% of the clients are seeking the products can help them to solve the problem – how to reduce physical cards and get more real-time interaction with the membership system.


In the last five months, I am working on how to help the client get better user experiences in the membership system. Based on the user interviews, POMES frame, and storyboard prototype, I found the user lack of real-time interaction with their membership cards. The membership card system or application is not only the APP product, but it is also the services for the clients.


This digital pocket will help the clients or merchants to simplify many steps on the purchase or collect information, and enable users to use cards conveniently in different scenarios in their life. We are now living in a very different–the different technology is enabling us to the smart life. The goal of the product is to ensure that user who uses the membership system will have better user experiences in a different situation.