Visual Design

WWI Simulator

Daniel Mestas

Become a trench soldier in WW1 and learn what it takes to survive.


Learning can be hard, learning about history can be harder. Younger students retain knowledge gained through learning when they are allowed to use creativity and given a tangible purpose, things not usually obtained through passive learning such as reading or lecturing. This project is designed to help students learn about history by putting them in the shoes of those who were there. This gives the students simulated first-hand context and brakes up the monotony of textbook reading or passive listening by allowing them to engage at their own pace.


Extensive research into education has revealed that students respond visually and when their mind is active and challenged. WW1 Simulator approaches education through a visual medium and allows them to challenge creativity, challenge, and purpose. This website was built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a simulated experience. The designs were hand illustrated and digitally coloured by Mestas. Code language and illustration work together to create a simulated and harsh World War 1 setting.


The WW1 Simulator recreates the western front in 1916 Europe to help teach students about the subject. The website can be used to allow students to learn about soldier’s tools and weapons by clicking on interactive objects as well as learning about the experiences of war from fellow non-playable soldiers in their trench. Players can also transfer between different trenches by crossing the land between the two in an arcade style mini-game. The goal is to teach players, students or otherwise, about WW1 by placing them in a virtual version of it.