Product Design


Demi Peppas

Bento empowers Restaurant Owners in easily managing their menus and inventory by simplifying the menu creation and maintenance process.


Restaurant owners and managers have a lot to worry about– from food quality, to employees, to customer service– there is always something to do. Managing restaurant inventory is often the most inconvenient and time-exhaustive task that an owner has to do because of how granular the process can get, and often this valuable tool is discarded in favour of more immediately pressing tasks.


Growing up in a family who owns a restaurant has given me a lot of first-hand experience in the pains involved in running a restaurant– there is a lot to examine and improve in this space. I interviewed Restaurant Owners, Managers and Employees to determine what issues would deliver the most impact if solved. Key insights from these interviews helped me determine that Inventory Management would provide the most impact.


From these insights, I decided to create an inventory management system for Restaurant Owners, that simplifies the menu creation and maintenance process using design principles and established web patterns. By providing a solution to this persistent problem, Restaurant Owners and Managers can benefit from Inventory Management insights, while still being able to focus on what’s more important– running their business.