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Donny Jun Wen

Slanguage is an app to help users find the accurate translation of slang words or phrase between 2 different languages.


Nowadays, there are so many translation services for customers to translate different languages, however, the current online translation service can only do translating syntactic form of a sentence in the input language to the syntactic form of that sentence in the target language. Moreover, there are some slang or jokes that are hard to translate due to cultural issues may arise from differences between cultural references. People who speak a different language would have problems in finding a slang translation(such as American or Canadian slang) for their language.


First of all, the project begun by doing research about what are the current problems in translations. After defining the problems, the second step was researching what are the current exist solutions about translation, especially in slang. Then, made the competitive landscape analysis to identify all the competitors with their advantage and disadvantage. Next was conducting an interview with a person who has 5 years of experience as an interpreter.


The product is a mobile app. Firstly, It provides users a quick library that allows users to type the content of the input language and search the correct answer of the target language. If users cannot find an answer from it, they can go to the forum channel and post question and wait for answers. Later, the users may receive 1 or more answers, then they can selected the best answer for them, the best answer will also update it to the library. On the other side, the if a user sees a question that he can answer, he can post it under the question thread.