iOS Remote

Hiba Ahmed

A speculative design for the iPhone’s future iOS to implement a TV remote function, which has additional features that cater to how a user consumes entertainment.


In the past users consumed entertainment through cable TV or VHS tape, but now more than 75% of individuals prefer consuming entertainment through streaming services. Many buttons on the remote have become obsolete, if a user's sole focus is navigating and controlling entertainment apps and their wide variety of content. This iOS redesign has a remote feature that provides users ease when navigating through apps such as Netflix on their Smart TV, with a simple, clean and recognizable design most Apple users are familiar with.


Focusing merely on a simpler remote was not the solution, the solution was designing based on how users consume entertainment today. This remote will accommodate their needs by providing shortcuts to apps they need to simultaneously use; for example, there is a screen share feature on this remote, texting app shortcut link, uberEats app shortcut link, and more. The remote itself will be part of the iOS control panel, and will require Apple authorization and Bluetooth technology to allow this design to work.


The remote’s design has all the main controls a user requires for a streaming app (fast forward, rewind, play, captions, etc.), with the ability to switch through various streaming apps, an interactive route selection for interactive films, screen share, film rating, instant social media posting, and app shortcuts. If the user wishes the text a friend while watching a movie they can click on one of the app shortcuts to allow them to give a quick text message to a friend.