Product Design


Hubert Si

hyperTT is a game about urban foot racing and is a fun way to get fit.


In our modern, urbanized societies, we don't do enough physical activity to be healthy. The World Health Organization states that 31% of the population in high-income countries don't get enough exercise, compared to the 18% in low-income countries. In order to want to exercise, the Urban Person (age 18 and up) requires engagement, flexibility, and motivation.


A game. hyperTT.


The goal of the game is to move from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible by any means necessary. This means that players can play to their strengths and play their own way: Maybe you're a powerful sprinter, or your long legs help you bound up stairs. Or perhaps you're a master of movement and your method of choice is parkour. Because the game is played on a phone, it enables players to play any time and anywhere, and play competitively against friends.