Product Design


Jagroop Ghuman

Tomo is a friend that helps people improve their work-life balance in a world where young people are embracing the hustling lifestyle.


Currently, we live in a hustling lifestyle, people aged 18 to 35 are sacrificing their free time for work. Without a proper work-life balance, this can cause problems such as lack of sleep, stress, not eating properly, and not exercising.


Tomo is a friend that helps out with work-life balance. Throughout the day, Tomo will remind what tasks that need to be focused on for the day. This way Tomo will help focus on life rather than work. Tomo will also show what a healthy lifestyle is.


Tomo will communicate by using push notifications to keep the person on track and live a healthy lifestyle. Tomo will also animate tasks that mimic the to-do list. Tomo will also have a statistics section showing people how to improve their work-life balance.