Smart TableTop Board

Josh Behrens

An IOT device that would allow the visually impaired to play boardgames effectively with others online and in person.


Gaming has the potential to create everlasting memories, experiences and friendships like no other medium. After discovering a niche group of visually impaired gamers that play certain games at a very high level, using only sound. It was this niche player base, that showed the need for a more accessible form of gaming for those with visual impairments.


Through research, personal experience and iteration, the final product became a physical tabletop game board. Combining physical design in the pieces, board and structure; with the convenience of digital systems and physical computing became the medium of choice. Physical computing, 3D printing, UX research and dame design, all in one neat package.


The main features of this board are: audio narration of player actions, reprogrammable for any grid based game, and physical accessibility towards visually impaired gamers. The design of the board from the grid, pieces and audio output all facilitate better immersion and understanding of the game being played.