Product Design


Kaspar So

A web platform designed to help small businesses form meaningful relationships and partnerships with social media influencers.


Social media marketing has become an increasing popular marketing strategy for businesses, especially for small businesses given their lower marketing capital. This increasingly popular trend has resulted in quantifiable measures and transactionally focused interactions. However, small businesses need more than just a paid post or tweet, they need partners that can grow with the business.


Going from a transactional relationship to a true partnership requires a strong interpersonal relationship as well as a mutual investment in each other’s success. This is achieved through demonstrating interest, trust, and care towards each other that goes beyond the transaction. fence looks to nurture those interests as to guide future interactions to help build stronger relationships.


fence is a web platform that helps businesses manage their social media marketing campaigns with an emphasis on influencer relationships. Through remembering interactions with influencers along with their details and preferences, fence provides businesses with the correct context for future interactions. Through these more thoughtful interactions, businesses can look to build partnerships off strong interpersonal relationships.