Rapid Robots

Katlin Walsh

Getting the general public to get excited about STEM hobbies by using hands on robot customization and augmented reality challenges.


Getting into new hobbies is hard. Robotics, Esports, and other niche hobby clubs remain a tight knit community that makes outsiders feel disconnected. Rapid Robots targets the novice user by teaching them about hobby basics and provides them with the next steps in finding their new favourite hobby.


Rapid Robots engages in person with audiences at niche hobby competitions. Using a mixture of physical building blocks and augmented reality character visualizations, users create their own specialized character that reflects the nature of the competition that they are attending.


As the audience engages with Rapid Robots Challenges, they transition from a passive observer, to an active player who is engaged in the task at hand. While they complete challenges, users expand their knowledge about the competition that they are attending, making them more likely to adopt the hobby for themselves.