Product Design


Kiet Bui

Convergence is a strategy management app built with the inten to help Agile teams and organizations find alignment in culture, goals and direction.


When teams and employees can't clearly understand and feel how their work aligns with the organization's vision and goals, performance is severely inhibited. Companies are starting to realize this and we see a shift in more startups and small businesses adopting agile team structure for high performance. Yet, as they scale, the distribution of objectives from management to teams and employees gets more complex, increasing the risk of organizational misalignment.


Organizational alignment needs to be built on transparency and trust at all levels between management, teams, and employees. Alignment is as much a bottom-up process as it is top-down. This means not only teams and employees needs to clearly understand how their contribution aligns with the organization's success, they also need management to trust in their capacity to own challenges and lead initiatives to realize those outcomes.


Convergence is a strategy management app created with the intention to help agile teams and organizations improve on three things. 1) Goal & Strategy management 2) Organizational structure & transparency 3) Social interactions that encourages communications & trust.