Product Design


Kristina Silvester

A cost and time efficient digital assistant app that acts like a vocal coach, allowing users to improve their singing vocals through lessons, videos, and feedback.


Many people including myself, love to sing. There are also more than a handful of people that want to improve their singing by getting vocal lessons but lessons can be expensive or they can’t afford the time. 60% of people can’t sing accurately because they don’t have good control over their vocal muscles, they may have trouble matching the pitch of their own voice to other sounds, or lack the ability to hear differences in pitch or discriminate between two sounds.


I tried to figure out the number of people who would use a vocal coach to improve their vocals if they had the time and money. Over time, people have tried to resolve issues over the web through forums and videos, but many solutions haven’t been found. My solution is a mobile assistant app that works like Siri and Alexa, but replies to the users singing instead of just their speaking.


The app can be used anytime and anywhere, and through that the user can finally understand the rights and wrongs of their practice. By singing directly into the device, the assistant will understand the voice and give accurate feedback. The app should allow the user to feel confident in their vocals through self awareness, and feel free to use it when they want without the costs of regular lessons.