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Luca Scarci

Locals is a digital platform that facilitates the building of connections between local businesses and Torontonians by giving citizens an index of local retailers and services in their area.


The unique experiences local businesses provide, are often lost as they expand. Which attributes to why some remain the small, modest, or obscure place they started off as. Many people strive for authenticity and variety but due to mass commercialization, time and convenience outweigh these desires. Locals works to lift these hurdles.


Locals uses the Google Maps API to access information on existing local businesses. Locals then takes this personalized data and displays it in a way that allows users to efficiently find what they are looking for.


Locals is a digital platform that provides people with a list of local businesses in their area. People can search for businesses using predefined categories, and filter further to gain more granular results. Locals helps people make authentic and sustainable decisions more easily.