Visual Design

Student Support

Matthew Mirski

Student Support is an online application that gives college students quick and efficient solutions to their stress/anxiety issues in school.


Statistically, student stress and anxiety have continually increased over the years, with reports that support options within schools are becoming less effective. Naturally, students want to be able to move past their issues and continue with their studies.


Research was conducted into the problem space and how it has developed as well as into other apps that address students stress, primarily through communication with professionally trained individuals. The application is meant to run off of desire2learn, and is primarily meant for desktop computers.


Student Support is an online application that surveys students on their anxiety/stress issues and supplies them solutions based on their answers. The users start with their issues affecting their lives, then they go to the app, fill out the survey, receive their solution afterward, and then apply which one they find suits their needs the best. At which point, they will either be on their way to solving their issue(s) or trying another solution.