Visual Design


Meagan McComiskey

Cosmation is an online consultation platform that connects freelancers in the cosmetic industry with eager learners all over the world.


The Cosmetic industry is ever changing, new products come out on a daily basis and techniques are always being perfected. Cosmetic consumers are still unsure how to apply cosmetics, and what products are right for their needs despite the current resources available to them. Properly applied makeup can provide many benefits when it comes to ones self confidence, self love, and even in one’s career.


Valuable insights were gained through literature review, expert and non expert interviews. This provided an opportunity to design something that would solve many different problems within the space. Other applications have tried to solve this problem but they do not utilize the people in the industry.


Cosmation uses mobile consultation technology to provide users with a convenient and affordable way to get cosmetic advice anytime, anywhere. Users will be able to talk with makeup artists with a variety of skills and artists can also get advice from more experienced artists. This provides a more trustworthy relationship by removing the sales aspect and competitive nature of the industry.