Product Design


Sarah Pawlett

Prompted is a mobile app that uses pop culture to facilitate comfortable conversations about sexual wellbeing between parents and tweens.


There is an all too familiar discomfort for parents and tweens alike when it comes time for “the talk.” Parents wrestle with how to start the conversation, what to say, how much to disclose, and how to avoid embarrassment all-around. This struggle leaves tweens to their own devices when it comes to developing healthy sex related attitudes and behaviours.


Having simpler, more frequent, and less personally focused conversations makes it easier and more comfortable for both parents and tweens. Parents and sex-educators have found that using scenarios in the media to spark discussion has been beneficial. Combining this technique with accurate information and conversation guidance provides parents with a foolproof approach for talking about sexual wellbeing with their tweens.


Prompted is a mobile app that encourages frequent discussions about sexual wellbeing through interactive conversation guides curated to the tween’s unique pop culture interests, as well as their age and stage. These guides shift the focus away from a personal lens to promote open dialogue, reduce discomfort, and normalize the topic of sex. With Prompted, parents become the resource that helps to form healthy sexual attitudes and behaviours in their tweens (rather than Pornhub).