Service Design

Little Things

Sean Fitzmartin

Little Things is a goal tracking and recognition handbook that focuses on providing users with a tangible way to approach goal setting.


99% of people in North America fail to achieve or follow through on goals they set. Everyone sets goals, but that 1% of people who actually follow through are significantly more successful and over 40% more likely to enjoy the work they do.


By assisting people in setting challenging but achievable goals I can help lay the groundwork for the application of goal setting in their everyday lives. People who recognize the significance of goal setting are far more likely to apply it in the future and potentially change the way they approach challenges each and every day.


Little Things is a piece of this challenging puzzle. Giving readers the chance to learn about goal setting and interact with their own personal challenges in a 7 day plan, that allows users to record and shape the way they approach challenges in their personal and professional lives.