Sean Ikeno

“Who?” looks to bring light to the power imbalance that digital artists face when trying to get credit for their online work.


The sheer size and scope of the internet has diluted our ways of attributing a piece of art to its artist. Artists rely on social media in order to grow and spread awareness for their work. However there is little being done to mitigate the impact that thieves have when they steal someone’s work and reproduce it.


I researched ways that artists currently attempt to protect themselves online. This included sites that shared my goal of giving an identity to artists, and others that wanted to give them more control. These themes were important to the process of designing for a group that works in the wild west that is the internet.


“Who?” is a multiform web service that’s goal is to provide a reliable way to search and identify the owner of a piece of work. Artists will be able to attach their name to their digital work, while the user will have a trustworthy source that will sort verified work first before anything else.