Sebastian Croce

Freestile is a hybrid education platform that is built on a unique structure to teach young adults how to manage their personal finances.


Approximately 75% of young adults surveyed said they do not have the financial knowledge to enter adulthood. Many young adults do not plan their finances until they encounter a major financial decision, which often results in a short term solution that leaves them in debt down the road. There is a lot of financial education out there, but getting the right information for your stage of knowledge is often overwhelming.


By researching the basics of managing personal finances and the transition to an advanced personal financial portfolio, three important domains where defined; Budgeting, Saving, and Investing. After doing expert interviews, a progressive structure was designed to tailor the experience.


Freestile is a mobile application that will allow users to learn personal finance skills through managing their own personal finances, in a uniquely designed structure. By following the tailored experience, users will be able to unlock new learning experiences and financial advice. Through the full user experience, users will be able to transition from the basics of budgeting to creating a robust investment portfolio.