Product Design


Shanil Patel

Mosaic is a platform that empowers students to share knowledge, reflect and solve problems while providing a reward to show employers.


Educational systems are based on a one size fits all model. Practices like testing and memorization have proven ineffective and only benefit a small group of students. When it comes to applying knowledge in the real world, these methods provide little value to students.


The most successful and effective educational system in the world belongs to Finland. This system leverages elements of reflective learning, problem-solving, collaboration and fun to educate their youth. Current educational systems are resistant to change and the true challenge lies in developing a solution that works with this system to enhance it. The solution? Mosaic.


Mosaic is a knowledge sharing platform that empowers post-secondary students to tackle real-world problems with their unique skills and experiences. Instead of testing, they are guided through a process that encourages creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and reflective learning. By the end, student skills are enhanced and they are rewarded with a case study that showcases their skills to potential employers or simply use as a tool to track their growth.