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Mind the Gap

Shashaank Srinivasan

Mind the Gap helps high school students use gap years to make more informed decisions regarding their post-secondary destination & career


1 in 3 students drop out of their first post-secondary program. They are often ill-prepared and uninformed about where they would be a good fit. This leads to social and parental pressure pushing them to a post-secondary program without clear direction.


A gap year after high school helps students better succeed in their post-secondary career. Yet, this practice is often frowned upon by parents, who prefer the security that comes with a degree. By leveraging gap years, students can slow down, explore their interests and gain practical experience.


Mind the Gap is a mobile application that helps students plan their gap year. Students can find and apply to activities that align with their interests and aspirations. All the while, getting guidance on how to convince their parents on their unconventional plan.