Product Design
Visual Design


Shawn Kadawathage

InTime is a social media platform in which users create & share music-accompanied memories with each other, using both visual and aural recollection to make memories more potent.


The user is seeking a way to pair and share photos as well as music with friends and family as a way to keep those memories fresh. Sharing memories through photos help people remember events, but don’t allow people to truly “relive” the memory. Multiple studies show that people have a much easier time recalling a memory, up to exactly how it felt like, when photos of the event are presented with music that was playing at that time period.


An initial survey was produced to procure information about peoples’ readiness state for a possible product that promises these features, which received very positive results. The idea was pitched to several groups of people, in which feedback was received and iterations were made and tested. The end product is a mobile application that uses Spotify to sync up with the user’s account and stream music directly when a User interacts with a photo memory. The application is supported on iOS.


InTime is a social media platform that lets users create & share music-accompanied memories with each other. By pairing a song from Spotify with a photo or video, users can make memories that autoplay the song on viewing to activate both aural and visual recollection. This application aims to make memories with friends & family more meaningful, personal, and harder to forget.