Product Design


Shivangi Patel

Flow is a kindergarten teacher’s assistant for facilitating creativity practices in the classroom to enable creative problem solving and play-based learning.


In 2016, the Ontario Government redesigned the Kindergarten Curriculum to prioritize a play-based education that enhances creative problem solving. Unfortunately, teachers haven’t been educated on academic information on creativity, so the lessons they are teaching their students are less insightful. By using this application, teachers can learn about creativity enablement, and how to incorporate their newfound knowledge into their classroom activities to foster creative thinkers.


Through user interviews and market analysis, I’ve found that there is no central hub for creativity information and tools. Users don’t know where to access all tools for creativity nor do they understand how to incorporate them into classroom activities. Similarly, other applications on the market only offer brainstorming tools instead of providing all tools and their purposes.


Flow is an iPad-based application that gives kindergarten teachers access to creativity-related tools and how to use them within their classroom activities to foster creative thinking. The teacher can open the application on their iPad device before or during the class to follow pre-planned creativity activities. Flow is meant to convey high-level ideas on tool application, so it is recommended that the teacher use it as an example template that they build on.