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Si On Chung

An online voting web app that allows Canadian youths to have easier access to vote for the Ontario provincial election.


Only 3 out of every 10 Canadian youths from age 18 - 24 voted in the last Ontario provincial election and consistently had the lowest voters turnout rate in the past provincial and federal elections.


Through extensive research on why youths don't vote as much, the only working solution was to provide an online voting system which allows youths to have easier access to voting. Currently, there are some municipalities that are already using online voting even with security concerns. The "YouthQuake: Online Voting" uses blockchain technology for online identity authentication to maximize cybersecurity.


The "YouthQuake: Online Voting" is an online voting web app that works with the existing Elections Ontario website. The web app has a guided experience through welcoming first-time voters, a Vote Compass tool to educate youths on their values and political beliefs and how that aligns to the parties, and to vote online.