Product Design


Tomi Sami

A social platform that focuses on creating a community-oriented online space for the mobile gaming community.


The general disorganization of relevant information, unfair account suspensions and lack of customization plague numerous other social media sites, making it difficult for the mobile gaming community to properly interact with one another. They are forced to adapt to each platform's requirements in order to survive and fill their needs.


Through years of observation on the way online communities work and the types of social media they inhabit, it was clear that there's not a social platform out there that specifically answers the needs of those who frequent online communities and their sub-cultures. Testing and feedback was gathered from a specific community called "Idol Twitter", to determine the current problems with the site and where improvements could be made in their interest.


Gachat allows for a more community-oriented experience within the mobile gaming community while fixing the current inconsistencies and problems of Twitter. Gachat better allows those within the mobile gaming community to discuss topics relevant to them, keep up with community events, news and happenings, all while still having an independant space that feels special and unique to themselves.