Tryston Hoyes

Ripple is a mobile app that supports male’s expression of emotions through mindfulness and music.


Being raised to follow stereotypes surrounding male emotions, we see more and more men resulting to anger in situations where emotions run high. Professionals define this as an emotional reaction opposed to an appropriate response. This calls for a strong foundation for men to cope with their emotions and combat social norms.


Through research and interviews with counsellors it was apparent that males struggle to cope with emotions, especially in the presence of others. Often times this is approached by counselling which carries its own negative stigma. Using a mindfulness approach offers a refreshing opportunity to the problem space.


Ripple is a mobile app that uses music as an entry point for males to cope with emotions through mindfulness practices. Users identify their current emotion and select an activity that focuses on grounding themselves in the moment. Over time this practice allows males to identify their emotions and build resilience through reflection.