Yael Hubert

An interactive CPR manikin that increases first aider confidence by providing realistic practice and real-time feedback.


When faced with an emergency, an astounding 70% of trained first aiders fail to respond. When asked why, many cite a lack of confidence in their CPR skills. As a first aid and CPR instructor, I see the disconnect between the theoretical knowledge provided during training and the practical application of skills needed to successfully respond in an emergency. In the case of CPR, bridging this gap could literally mean the difference between life and death.


RALF (Rescue Assistant with Live Feedback) is an interactive CPR manikin that works with an interface to provide first aiders with a platform for realistic practice and personalized feedback on their CPR performance. Through the use of five sensors and an Arduino, RALF detects and provides feedback on airway openness, ventilation volume, ventilation timing, compression rate, compression depth, and AED pad placement.


First aiders can use RALF anywhere and anytime to receive feedback without having a certified instructor present. This robust, mobile, and low-cost solution can be used to bolster training courses or as a refresher tool in schools, workplaces, or even at home. Through continued use, first aiders can get to know what effective CPR really feels like, develop muscle memory, and become confident enough to truly save lives.