Fate of Climate Change

Yiling Chen

A strategy game simulates the experience of a climate policy maker to emphasize the importance of politics when dealing with climate change.


Climate change is always surrounded by a tone of gloom and doom. Most of people have not realized climate change is not a problem cannot be solved. There are already solutions, but we are not using it.


Fate of Climate Change uses the form of simulation game trying to give audience a first-hand experience of what is going wrong with the current process of us fighting against climate change. It also creates an interactive landscape to envision an alternative geopolitical and economic world order in order to further strategic conversation among people in real life on the topic of climate change.


Fate of Climate Change is a strategy game where users plays a role of a policy maker who make policy decisions specifically for climate change. The game will envision scenarios might happen in 2050 based on the player’s decisions throughout the game. By simulating the role of policy maker, audience can get a basic understanding of how climate policy influence climate change and why we have not been able to mitigate climate change so far.