EZ Team

Zach Sheppard

EZ Team is a social team building app for competitive gamers.


Gamers are always looking for new ways to win. In current competitive gaming, if you don’t already have a premade team, the game will match you with random players. For solo players, this is a problem because they often get matched with a team that doesn't work well together, resulting in a loss.


In order to solve this problem, solo players need a way to meet each other and form an effective team before they enter the game. Research has shown that an effective team is comprised of members with a diverse range of playstyles. Therefore, to greatly increase their chances of winning, solo gamers need to be able to find other players with compatible playstyles.


EZ Team is a web application that solves this problem by allowing gamers to search for and form teams based on a set of identifying characteristics. Each user creates a profile and searches through a list of teams that are best suited to their playstyle, skill level, and games they want to play. Once a user has selected a team they want to join, they are given a link that redirects them to a voice chat where they can meet their team and start playing.